This is my dog Peppa

She is a known as the "Scottie", the Scottish Terrier has a compact, strong body;
short legs, pricked ears and naturally erect tail. Her face wear a keen, sharp and active expression.
President Roosevelt had a Scottie named Fala in the White House. She tends to be a one or two person dog and does her best as a pampered pet while a little stubborn, she still makes a loyal pet if given the chance to survey the scene before committing herself. A very good watchdog, but she needs to be kept secured as she has a tendency to wander.

She's very partial to cuddles, so much in fact that I call her a cat in a dog's body!
I never had a dog falling asleep on my lap before.

Something close to a miracle happened last week (May the 28th): I opened my front door to come in, and like a flash, Peppa flies out between my legs! She vanished! 5 days after, as there was still no sign of her coming back, I went on line to one of those pet-dedicated website, and I sent an e-mail with her photo and my name and phone number, like a "message in a bottle".
Well, the day after, I get a reply, with a photo of Peppa behind bars. She was caught! The lady on the phone told us she was due to be put down the following morning. I never saw my partner Eugene get out of bed so fast in my life! We arrived forty-five minutes too early. The dog-pound wasn't even open! Well, we went and signed her out. She's back, saved "in extremis". Yesterday, I got her a tag with her name and our phone number. The lady on the phone advised us to go to a vet to have her digitally tagged.

Good idea!

Here's a photo of Peppa in jail.
So, you see that miracles do happen sometimes. She's asleep now, but she's ALIVE and with us.
Click here to see a photo of Eugene and Peppa in the newspapers!!