Danielle and Sean

I can't believe I've done it! And it works!
Let me introduce myself. I'm Danielle, and that gorgeous looking fellow is my son.
His name's Séan and he's 17 years old. Although, he was 12 (?) when this picture was taken.
I'm so happy now that I know how to add pictures on my webpage.
Well, I'm pretty proud of myself because that's another important milestone.
In this website, I'm going to showcase my graphic art.

I used to do watercolours as a hobby, and as I really enjoy working with computers, I decided to marry the two, and i swapped my brushes against a graphic tablet, and my paints against a wonderful imaging programme, namely Photoshop.

So, if you want to get back to my home page and start the tour. The navigation is very simple indeed, from the table, click on any pic to see it in big, and click on it to see the next one.

I haven't got the heart to take away my watercolours yet. One day will come, i'll have to do it, but for the moment, i'd like simply to put them at the back. They are all here.

Just enjoy them while you can...